Training to become a baker

A valid visa is required to work and study in New Zealand. To find out about the visas available, you may wish to contact Immigration New Zealand via their website located at

Baking level 2 and 3 qualifications are short courses for the basics in baking and may generally be gained by attending educational institutions full time, such as your local Institute of Technology or Polytech etc. Institutions that provide the training for the Baking Level 2 and 3 qualification are listed in this section, Become a Baker, of our website.

To gain a Baking Level 4 qualification you will need to gain employment in the Baking Industry with an employer who is willing, and has the facilities, to assist you in completing your qualification. Once employed in the industry, Competenz, the Bakery Industry Training Organisation, can put you and your employer in touch with an Account Manager who will assist find an accredited training provider.

It is not possible for us to take in to account your personal circumstances, or what employers in your area are looking for in their staff, as it differs from company to company depending on their requirements. Some employers prefer someone who has already completed short courses, whilst others take on apprentices readily without any prior training.

Contacting employers while they are looking for staff will assist you in gaining an idea of your best entry point and the type of Baking you would like to be involved in (Craft, Instore, Bread etc). More information on the Baking qualifications may be found at