National Certificate in Baking (Level 3)

The new Certificate in Baking (Level 3) offered by the School of Baking and Patisserie at Manukau Institute of Technology is a National Qualification, allowing our graduates to more easily gain entry to studies at higher levels such as Level 4 Apprenticeships. This Programme will teach students the core skills of literacy, numeracy, oral and written communication required in a bakery environment.This is a full time one year Programme.

The Health and Safety in a Bakery Course will teach students understanding of good work practise; safe handling of bakery machinery; good food hygiene and legislative requirements in the bakery environment.Fundamentals of Biscuit and Pastry Baking is a practical course introducing a variety of baking ingredients and functions while learning the various techniques required in biscuit production and pastry making, including short, sweet, puff and choux paste products.The practical course Cakes and Yeasted dough Products provides the principles and processes for mixing and baking cakes as well as their decoration and presentation. The category of yeast raised dough products is also introduced alongside the more in depth scientific principles of baking and bakery calculations necessary to produce quality products.Bread Baking provides understanding of yeasted products is consolidated and further developed to broaden the range of recipes for both hand made artisan styles and breads produced using commercial bakery equipment.

Students will extend on the skills acquired in the Programme which are put to further use in the Fundamentals of Patisserie by producing a range of desserts and baked goods suitable for the Baking, Catering and Hospitality industry.During the last course Speciality Torten and Gateaux students consolidate knowledge of bakery ingredients and techniques to refine their skills in the cake making sector of the bakery industry. Production sessions involve the consideration of production planning and time management systems.Career Opportunities.

The National Certificate in Baking (Level 3) will allow new bakers to pursue a career in all aspects of the baking industry from a hot bread shop to a cruise ship. Local bakery, restaurant, hotel and catering companies are the ideal starting points for a new career in baking.Further work opportunities include cake decorating specialists, in-store baking, confectioners’ boutiques and artisan baking.

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