Final day for registration: Friday 28th June 2024
Custard Square/Vanilla Slice to be delivered for judging by: 5pm Tuesday 2nd July 2024
Judging: Wednesday 3rd July 2023

Please deliver your doughnut entries to this address:
Toi-Ohomai Tech
70 Windermere Drive,
To Kitchen H14.


  • 2 (Two) Identical Custard squares / Vanilla Slice
  • Can Be Hot or Cold Process
  • Must contain Vanilla as a flavour component
  • Must contain minimum 2 layers of Puff Pastry
  • May be iced and finished as per your own choice
  • Product description card Must be included, with no reference to your bakery.
  • Maximum weight for both slices – 400 grams (200 grams each)
  • Both Slices must fit within a 210mm X 140mm space.


Your Slice must be available for sale for in your bakery, café, restaurant or other sites during the competition and for 3 months after the announcement of the winner. The standard of your slice should be identical to the items provided for the competition to remain the winner and place you receive?

Your Slice must be made in a registered kitchen and conform to all Food Safety requirements of the current legislation. Items must be received in a Food Safe Manner.

Your slices will be kept refrigerated, so please ensure fillings and icings are fridge stable.



  • No signs of under or over baking and cooking
  • Even sizes of all slices entered
  • No signs of damage
  • Tidy icing/finishing and cutting and of a suitable size.


  • Baked correctly (not under or over baked)
  • Even distribution of inclusions.
  • Correctly assembled


  • Well Balanced flavour (not overpowering or under underwhelming)
  • Clean mouth feel
  • Inclusions are well balance and in proportion to the slice
  • Soft eating qualities.
  • Enjoyable after taste

Reasons for disqualification:

  • No product description card included, or description card references your bakery.
  • Entries are overweight or too large
  • Incorrect number of units supplied
  • Late deliveries will not be accepted.

Registration – The Great Square Off – Custard Square Championship

Custard Square/Vanilla Slice Competition 2024