Judging: Friday the 17th March
Deliveries no later than 5pm Thursday the 16th of March.
NZ Bakels, 21 Kelvin Grove Rd, Palmerston North, 5301


• 6 (Six) hot cross buns (any type, traditional, chocolate, vegan, gluten free, hybrid etc.)
• Can be batched baked or individually baked.
• May be glazing

Product description card Must be included, with no reference to your bakery.
Maximum weight – 900g total weight for all 6 buns.



• No signs of under or over proving
• Even sizes of all buns entered
• No signs of damage
• Tidy crosses neatly and of a suitable size.

• Baked correctly (not under or over baked)
• Even distribution of inclusions.

• Correctly molded (no blemishes or tearing)
• No signs of under or over proving.

• Well balanced flavour
(not overpowering or under underwhelming)
• Well-conditioned/soaked fruit or appropriate filling.
• Inclusions are well balance and in proportion to the bun
• Soft eating qualities.
• Enjoyable after taste

Reasons for disqualification:
No product description card included, or description card references your bakery.
6 buns exceed 900g.
Incorrect number of units supplied
Late deliveries will not be accepted.


March 14 – Entries close
March 16 – Entries to be delivered to
NZ Bakels 21 Kelvin Grove Rd, Palmerston North, 5301
no later than 5pm
March 17 – Judging day at NZ Bakels Palmerston North.

Winners of the three top placings will be notified on March 17 with the winner announced in the media the following week.